Robert's Nude Role

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We are hearing news that Robert Pattinson's role in the film 'Bel Ami' will show more than just his face! Pattinson shot a ton of nude scenes for this film, and he admits that there will be lots of crack! Although he's not sure the exact level of nudity, he thinks there is 'quite a bit'. No matter if it's a little or a lot, his fans will do anything to see any part of his milky skin exposed. His fans have yet to see much of his sexy body, he usually  keeps most of it covered in his roles, but this new part is looking promising for those who want to see just what he's hiding underneath it all. So now we ask will we only see the crack? Just how much of his bare ass will be exposed? No matter what he teases us with any part of Robert in the nude will be enough to make us run wild. The thought of seeing his bare bum will definitely shoot ticket sales through the roof, girls and guys all over the world will be rushing to the box office for a glimpse of this sexy actor's bare skin. The only person complaining about this is his co-star Uma Thurman, but her only complaint is that she didn't get to see any R-Pattison crack! The 40-year old actress says “So I can’t tell you about it. I don’t know what happened to him with other characters, I have no idea, to tell you the truth. I haven’t seen the film cut together, so there may or may not be Robert’s bum.” She admits she finds her Twilight co-star dashing, and we're sure she is anticipating the crack shot like the rest of us. We are so envious of her and the close time she just have spent with Robert on set, from his hair to his accent he is irresistable!

Robert Pattinson in Playgirl

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Don't get too excited, unfortunately for all of us Robert Pattinson did NOT strip down to the nude for his spread in Playgirl magazine, UK edition. This magazine shoot was super disappointing to all the peeps out there who are dying for a shot of Pattinson in the nude, it's almost as if his appearance in the mag is filler and was a complete aftershot. The cover definitely isn't very promising for juicy nakedness inside, it's simply a head shot (we will admit it is a very beautiful head, but still just his head nonetheless)! The cover is more like a cover for GQ magazine, Robert's gorgeous swooping brown locks paired with his dreamy blue eyes, as he stands dressed in a black tux. Viewers will have to keep using their imagination as they flip through the inside pages as he still rocks the tux rather than his birthday suit. Enforcing the idea that this was a last minute throw it all together type shoot, there was absolutely no hype in preparation for the release of this issue. So not only did his fans get a jipped of a chance to anticipate a sexy nude spread in Playgirl magazine, they never even got the nude or even semi-nude shots when they bought the issue and looked inside! The editors of the magazine probably thought that he had enough sex appeal that he didn't need to strip down at all to entice people to buy the mag. In our opinion, without the nude shots, this spread belongs in a gossip mag! Robert Pattinson needs to right his wrongs and do another issue for the mag, this time making it XXX! We hear that we will get a small taste of his ass in his upcoming film Bel Ami, but when you are as sexy as that you need to give your fans a little more to work with.

Pattinson Cuts Fat

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Robert Pattinson's next role will require him to cut down to 6% body fat as 'Eric', a billionaire investment banker in the film 'Cosmopolis'. The storyline is all within a 24 hour period, where the newly wed asset manager manages to lose his fortune, cheat on his wife, and gets assaulted all within a day. Oscar winner Marion Cotillard has been cast to play his wife, these two are definitely going to make some on-screen magic together. The role of Eric was originally cast to Colin Farrell, but thankfully he stepped down and was replaced with the sexy Robert Pattinson. Pattinson is fairly tall, 6'1 and is pretty lean as it is, but he is worried about having to cut out all his favorite junk food treats from his diet to reach this physical goal. Despite the six pack and rock hard body we all saw in the Twilight film series, Pattinson admits he's not a fan of the gym and prefers junk food over healthier choices (beer being his favorite indulgence). With all the hours that he'll be spending in the gym, the finished product promises to be mouth water. Pattinson will be leaner than he's ever been, and will undoubtedly put on a ton of muscles so he'll have the body of a God! That body paired with his dreamy good looks will expand his fan base drastically. By making this committment Robert is joining the long list of award winning actors who have changed/altered their bodies for the purpose of a role. We can't wait to see this film magic on the big screen, any excuse to spend some time starring at Robert Pattinson!

Robert Pattinson Naked Pubes

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We came across this hot photo of Robert Pattinson semi naked and showing some pubes and his awesome six-pack.  Robert has become very lean lately and is happy to show off his much desired body!  Robert is one of Hollywood's newest rising stars, and for good reason.  With teen girls (and guys!) around the globe lusting after the galmourized Twilight series actor, his head (maybe both heads?) are probably getting pretty big.  Enjoy the nude photos!

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Many people are requesting more photos of Robert Pattinson shirtless, so here are a few great pictures!

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Robert Pattinson